Peter David Gilbert is an outstanding architect and designer who has a keen sense of proportion coupled with aesthic balance. He has done several of my projects in an exclusive area of the Oakland, Ca, hills. Mr. Gilbert has not only designed beautiful homes, but has also worked closely with me to incorporate any special details I have requested. His advice and comments have been invaluable. In addition, he has adroitly handled both the normal and abnormal city, county, and state bureaucratic requirements for permits and design review necessary to get final approval to build. I would highly recommend Peter to any of my friends or associates who are considering building a home.
-Leonard R. Perillo

Peter’s creativity and unique perspective on my kitchen and bath remodeling project gave me ideas that I would have never thought of myself, yet they worked beautifully in my house.
-Melissa Biedler

Peter Gilbert transformed out house! Peter has the unique ability to see a house as it could be. His vision was quite extraordinary. He tackled a number of poorly designed and executed elements. Through his great understanding of architecture, color, texture, and the relationship between conflicting details, he developed a plan that – for a very modest cost – made a huge change in the feeling and presence of our house. He is a pleasure to work with. Peter is very accessible, open, responsive, and shares in his client’s excitement. In fact, we are so pleased with the results from his direction, we find ourselves wanting his input into every part of the house. He’s the best!
-Jim & Grey Vicars

We have worked with Peter in the remodeling an existing home, as well a the construction of a new home, and have found him to be a superior talent. Peter uses light and color to best advantage to make the most of small spaces, and his designs always have generous circulation. He employs an incredible attention to detail, and his skill as an interior designer is evident in how he makes every room memorable. He is extremely perceptive, and uniquely able to transform rough intentions into a cohesive vision for the entire project.

In addition to his talents as an architect and designer, Peter employs a keen sense of value, and is extremely creative in finding cost-effective alternatives that stay true to the project vision. Peter has proven time and again his ability to overcome the challenges of a limited budget, or a challenging job-site, or a short time-frame. Peter is a savvy business manager that we relied-on for the overall project, and he has an outstanding track-record of delivering on-time and on-budget.

For anyone looking to get the most out of their investment, Peter is the best there is. We feel lucky to have used Peter in the past, and look forward to working with Peter again soon.
-Kim & Floyd Williams

Working with Peter on our home remodel has been a much easier and more enjoyable experience than we thought possible. We heard from friends of unpleasant experiences they had while remodeling a home; their complaints about their architects ranged from “too much artistic temperament” to “no consideration of a realistic budget.” But we had heard good things about Peter and decided to take the plunge!

From the beginning, Peter allayed whatever fears we might have had about starting a construction project. We have been impressed with his knowledge and sense of design, realistic approach to the challenges at hand, attentiveness to our needs and his “user-friendly” attitude. Our finished product is much more beautiful that we could have imagined and we look forward to working with Peter again.
-Phyllis Friedberg & Larry Tankel

Peter Gilbert’s professional and artistic approach to designing our dream home far exceeded out expectations.

The attention paid to detail throughout the house, combined with the understanding of our needs, made for a beautiful yet functional home.

We would highly recommend his services.
-Dary Sepah-Mansour & Frank Bijenveld

Lorna, I and the entire family are enjoying our new great room, kitchen and bathroom tremendously. These new rooms and all the nice touches have changed our lives for the better. It is also so pleasing to have everyone who comes visit have their breath taken away by these new rooms.
-Lorna Siepser & Steve Klebe

My husband and I worked with Peter on a complete redesign of our master bathroom. We were very pleased with the results. That was three years ago. Since then, we have worked with Peter on several projects, including remodeling another bathroom, redesigning the dining room lighting, and redecorating the living room. We continue to be very happy with Peter’s work. We applaud his creative abilities and are equally impressed with his high level of professionalism.
-Susan Quinn